Welcome to Scanpoint Education & Research Institute(SERI)

Scanpoint Education and Research Institute (SERI) is a vision foreseen by the board of trustees to nurture state-of –the-art geomatics technology among the professionals. Established in 2008 by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to the field of Geomatics. SERI is the pioneer in the field of Geomatics education in Gujarat. It has a team of qualified personnel, senior scientists and academicians committed to impart the best education and training in Geomatics.

SERI has been promoted by Scanpoint Geomatics Limited (SGL), Ahmedabad, a company engaged in research and development in Geomatics services and software for over two decades. SGL in partnership with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed India’s first indigenous geospatial information system namely, Integrated Geographical Information & Image Processing Software (IGiS). IGiS presents the major technological breakthrough in integrating the GIS and IP functionalities into the singular software.

Geomatics: The Field With Infinite Opportunities

Geomatics is the field in which geoscientists and computer engineers work together to address complex scientific issues using advanced information technologies and integrated analysis. The field of Geomatics includes geodesy, geo-statistics, surveying, remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS) Global Navigation Satellite Systems, photogrammetry, hydrography, digital terrain modeling, Global Position System (GPS), wireless and networks.

Geomatics has acquired increasing importance in the recent past owing to its application in a wide variety of environmental, urban, and economic issues and business decision making. Increasing interest in the study of Geomatics has been evinced because:

  • It is an emerging new technology in the field of computer science & data analysis.
  • There is increasing interest in linking geography and information technology.
  • It is an important tool in understanding and managing the environment.
  • It provides useful functionalities to geographic information.
  • There is a huge employment market for Geomatics professionals.

Geomatics Market

Development of technologies such as satellite remote sensing, mobile communication technologies, global positioning systems (GPS) as well as the internet has led to a profusion of geographic information. Thus there is an urgent requirement of a technology for managing these resources and providing solutions to meet new public demands.