FAQ Questions

1. Where to purchase IGiS?

For purchasing IGiS please e-mail us at  sales@scanpointgeomatics.com

2. Whom should I contact for any queries regarding IGiS?

For any queries regarding IGiS please e-mail our support team at  support@scanpointgeomatics.com

3. Is IGiS Online Help available on the internet?

For online assistance please e-mail us at  support@scanpointgeomatics.com

4. Tell me something about the company SGL.

For information about the company please visit www.scanpointgeomatics.com or click the following link about us

5. How to install IGiS?

For IGiS installation please e-mail our support team at support@scanpointgeomatics.com or you can also click the following link

6. What is the cost of IGiS?

For cost and other cost related queries please e-mail us at  sales@scanpointgeomatics.com

7. Where IGiS can be used?

It can be used in various service sectors very effectively. Please see the Services page for further details.

8. How can IGiS benefit me?

IGiS has a wide variety of applications. It is useful and can be customized according to the needs. No matter what your needs be whichever industrial sector. IGiS has everything you need. To find out more please see the  Services page.


9. Does IGiS support all kinds of satellite data?

Yes it supports all kinds of satellite data also see General Features of IGiS

10. Are there any branches of SGL outside Gujarat?

Yes, please see Contact Us page for our other offices information

11. What do I get on purchase of IGiS?

On purchase of IGiS you will get software DVD, set of manuals, tutorial and one year free maintenance and updation.

12. Where can I download the IGiS Installation Guide?

To get IGiS installation guide please click the following link http://www.sglsupport.net

13. Is IGiS a standalone product?

Yes it is a standalone product.

14. Do I have to use some other tool along with IGiS to work on my data?

No, you don’t have to use any other tool along with IGiS to work on the data.

15. Compatibility

It is compatible with desktop server, web, mobile and cloud.

16. Support

For technical support or queries please e-mail us at support@scanpointgeomatics.com or visit www.scanpointgeomatics.com If you need to buy this product, call us on 079-265-75371 or email us at info@scanpointgeomatics.com


17. How to register with SGL Support Portal?

For registration with SGL please click the following link http://www.sglsupport.net/Main/frmRegister.aspx
If you are registered user with SGL support portal click the link below;

18. How to work on the SGL Support System?

For assistance on how to work on the SGL support system please follow the link given below; http://www.sglsupport.net/KB/a3/how-to-work-on-the-sgl-support-system.aspx