IGis launch events

The first Version of IGiS 1.0 was launched in 2009 at the hands of Dr. Madhavan Nair. It was a grand event and a proud moment for the team of SGL. Their efforts were about to pay off. For the launch events many officials of distinguished institutions, organizations and also the officers from Indian Army were present.

Dr. Madhavan Nair launched India’s first ever Software with both GIS and IP. On this occasion he said,

“My congratulations to the teams who are involved in this the Space Application Centre ISRO & Antrix Corporation for really making this commendable task, in fact developing a software and bringing up to an operational stage. It is not an easy job it requires considerable amount of imagination, hard work and concentration before we can achieve such results especially in a niche area like this efforts put in by this team members are remarkable and perhaps this has formed a good indicator for future entrepreneur to embark on such vision.”

On further analysis and regular feedback from ISRO and other users of IGiS, SGL team directed its effort in upgrading the first version of IGiS. They also incorporated many new features in the upcoming version of IGiS. After working hard on their first version SGL was prepared to launch IGiS version 1.1. The launch of IGiS version 1.1 was at the hands of R. R. Navalgund, Director, SAC - ISRO –Ahmedabad. On this launch he said,

"It is a matter of great pleasure that Scanpoint Geomatics Limited (SGL), Ahmedabad in collaboration with Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad is releasing the updated version of IGiS software (v.1.1) which has been developed in tune with the technological trends in Geographic Information System (GIS) and Image Processing Systems by incorporating the modules on processing and analysis of high resolution and Hyperspectral data, 3D analysis and advanced applications modeling..

Indigenous “Integrated Geographic Information and Image Processing Software – IGiS v 1.0 was released on 29th August, 2009 core GIS and IP modules. I am happy to note that SGL has come out with IGiS v1.1 by adding many new modules like raster GIS analysis, hyperspectral data processing, spatial analysis, raster vector analysis, advanced terrain and 3D analysis and hydrological modelling. All the new functions have been cleared by Inter-Centre T&E committee drawn from SAC, ADRIN and ISRO Hq. The new functions in IGiS software will enable the user to carry out more tasks in relation to database creation, organization and customization. With this, the IGiS software will provide better seamless integration of all functions and will enable the users in improved geospatial information collection, interpretation, dissemination and utilization of data products. I am confident that IGiS software will aid the professionals working on GIS and Image Processing by providing an improved single platform for all RS data processing, Database organisation, Terrain analysis and modeling, Generation of Cartographic quality outputs etc. I wish the IGiS software v 1.1 all success."