Enterprise resource planning is an enterprise system that is driven in order to look after the basic internal processes of a company and also to thereby help integrate the software modules for the same. It gives the company the required support in terms of order processing, inventory management etc.

This is the perfect solution and also the resource that gives the company an integrated real time view of the production, order processing, and inventory management and so on which shall be bound tightly together by the E.R.P. applications software and a common database. This database shall be maintained by the database management system. Basically these are the core business processes that are looked after

Various business resources are tracked. This could include cash, raw materials as well as production capacity. This could also include tracking of all the commitments made by the company in terms of customer orders, purchase orders and employee payrolls! All of the departments such as the sales, marketing, purchasing, accounting, etc)

There is great information flow between all business functions inside the organization as well as outside. There is also great management of the connections to the stakeholders outside!

This type of software is what is even developed by Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. in order to cater to the requirements of enterprise resource planning in the ventures of our worthy clients. This is the software that is required in copious power today in order to maintain the human resources and other resources which have become a very vital part of the organizations. Most important, it is also needed to maintain all of these in good coordination for the smooth functioning of the big businesses.

Such systems even produce various elements that support a tremendous amount of business functions. These systems are also very helpful when it comes to the potential of integrating data and processes across the functions in an enterprise. These systems were initially utilized only by big firms however now it has even started its trend towards the smaller enterprises. Due to the high importance in the use of these systems in the firms!

These are the vital organizational tools as they integrate the varied organizational functions and systems that can lead to flawless transactions and productions! Also it is important to note that these systems are very different from the regular traditional systems.

Scanpoint Geomatics Ltd. has made the required changes in a variety of computer hardware and network configurations as they can run on them. Hereby they utilize the database as the repository for information.


A Highly economical and user-friendly software for managing your personal financial accounting needs. Now no more training and updating is required for maintaining your accounts data in your computer. 

It is feature involves the following benefits: -

  • Truly Windows based package that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously: For example, you can view your trial balance while posting a voucher.
  • Single/Multi user Software modules available.
  • User definable Billing Structures that would take care of Tax Structures
  • Multiple Numbering Schemes for all documents and Vouchers.
  • Extensive view and queries that you can customize to your requirements.
  • Multiple Godowns stock maintenance and Godown Transfer.
  • Stock Ageing Analysis.
  • Product Ledger.
  • Stock valuation using FIFO/Weighted Average Method as desired.
  • Bank Reconciliation made extremely easy.
  • Month wise comparison of Expenses.
  • Bill wise breakup of Receivables/Payables.
  • Three exclusive types of Ledger Views.
  • A/c Ledger printing in three way. (Normal, T-Format, Confirmation)
  • A/c Ledger with Interest Calculation.
  • Reversal of any entry like cheque bounce just a click away.
  • Totally Zoom-in reports. It will take you right from balance sheet up to voucher level for any modification.
  • Detailed/Summarised Sales/Purchase register comprises. User defined tax & form types.
  • Create unlimited Groups, Sub- groups and Accounts.
  • Outstanding details with Letter Printing option.
  • Ageing Analysis of Outstanding details of Creditors and Debtors.
  • Pending C Form Report with Letter Printing.
  • User definable Sales and Purchase Registers.

Key Features/Benefits 

  • General
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Creating and editing possible every ware
  • Multiple Document Interface
  • Multi-user support
  • Automatic update all Transaction
  • 100% Keyboard interface
  • User defined reports
  • Security
  • Automatic backup option (Day wise)
  • Indication for unsaved entry
  • Database security
  • Easy share on Networks
  • Web based (SaaS and cloud Version)
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Responsive
  • Multi Users
  • Multiple user and Login Group
  • Access rights up to all entry level
  • Track of User entry (Date and Time)
  • Printing
  • Print preview and direct Print option
  • Print, Fax, E-mail (Microsoft Outlook), all reports
  • Printer, Paper size, Font, Font size selection
  • Export to Notepad, Microsoft Word, & Excel
  • Auto adjust multiple page