Q-Pad Features

The major functions of Q-Pad are as shown:

Display Features

Q-Pad provides the following Display features:

  • Vector Data with color symbology ( unique color, user defined graduated color, using symbols)
  • Vector Data with color symbology by Object or query
  • BMP (24 bit ) and JPEG Image with brightness and contrast control
  • PNG/GIF Image for Viewing
  • Multi-layer Map creation and visualization
  • Screen Capture using Save Map as Bitmap file

Navigation Features

Following is the list of features that help in navigation using the Q-Pad :

  • Pan/Zoom
  • Zoom to Full Extent
  • Zoom to Selected
  • Zoom Active
  • Fixed Zoom In/Out
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Bookmarks

Measurement Tool

Q-Pad provides a comprehensive measurement tool to measure distance/area/perimeter using the user defined units. The cursor co-ordinate is in terms of DD-MM-SS.SSSS.

  • Freehand distance/area/perimeter measurement with user defined units
  • Cursor coordinates (DD-MM-SS.SSSS)


There is an in-built drawing tool provided by Q-Pad. This tool can be used for drawing Point/Line/Polygon features on a theme.

  • Draw Point/Line/Polygon features
  • Attribute Editing
  • Delete Point/Line/Polygon features

Layer Management

Following is the list of features that help in navigation purpose using Q-Pad:

  • Layer On/Off
  • Layer Up/Down
  • Layer Active


Q-pad provides facility to perform Overlay using Point, Line, Polygon and Image Themes.


  • Query Builder (Single Theme Complex Query)
  • Identify tool
  • Find Feature using attribute value
  • Label with selection of font/size/color/style
  • Clear Selection/Refresh
  • Find Feature by Location


Point, Line and Polygon data collection using GPS for new layer.

Point, Line and polygon data collection using GPS for active layer as direct insertion.