• At SGL we are committed to achieve your goals and assist you in achieving your Geomatics need for data, application and analysis.
  • Our domain lies in understanding the growing significance of Geomatics for analysis, planning and management. We have tremendous experience which enables us to undertake projects under stringent standards, requirements and schedules. We provide services for anything Geomatics. We understand our clients and the goals they seek to achieve. We have the technological expertise that can help our clients achieve those goals and follow the best business practices to assist them through the complete life cycle of their projects.
  • Professionally managed and well organized, the company has expertise in core application development and customization services in the areas of Geographic Information System (GIS), Image Processing (IP), Global Positioning System (GPS), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Location based Services and Surveys, Urban Planning & Infrastructure, Resource inventory and Utilities Management.
  • We provide data reconfiguration services wherein the existing data across agencies can be brought into a more usable geospatial format.
  • We also provide database management services including setting up servers and databases in RDBMS in view of existing data requirements of our clients.