Geomatics projects require mapping of features. While at scales up to 1:5000 satellite data can be used, larger scales require ground based techniques. SGL therefore supports EDM and DGPS survey and IGiS can ingest data derived from these surveys. In addition, real life projects also require a significant amount of spatial data covering demography, socio-economic data, etc. To cover these aspects SGL provides surveying services as a part of its end-to-end project support. SGL has expertise in surveying in areas such as:

  • DGPS and EDM surveys.
  • Collection of Building Information, Infrastructure, Rail Network, and Water bodies.
  • Details of infrastructure, zoning, road network, utility network, land use/ land cover, etc.
  • Assortment of household data which includes, poverty status, house on rents,  number of vehicles, mortgage value, monthly income, people below the line of poverty, number of self owned houses, property value, etc.
  • Collection and analysis of population data based on the Languages, Marital status, and poverty.
  • Accumulation of data for school which includes number of children going to school, modes of transport, etc.
  • Gathering data of the people working, their modes of transport, travel time, people working on daily wages, people earning monthly income, number of people as permanent employees, temporary employees, etc.
  • Grouping of housing data which includes total number of houses in a particular area, when were they’re built, number of houses coming up and also the year of their construction.