Slemco is a large scale project for a mining company situated at Sierra Leone, South Africa. This project has been undertaken for the purpose of development, supply and installation of web based GIS and Image Processing Software, IGiS, Version 1.0 enterprise edition. The software provides customization of modules that are specific to mining related activities. The software is capable of Geomatic Data Conversion Services for the purpose of Digitization. Other feature provided is the georeferencing of the satellite imageries. This is helpful for marking of drill points with attributes and Image Processing of the entire area of Mining spread over 636 Sq. Kms. and for Data Conversion Services of Generation of Land use based on Ikonos image with 7 theme integration.

The Port Loko bauxite reserve analysis has been carried out using an intensive, scientific and professional approach in order to accurately calculate the resource base. Integrated GIS & IP Software (IGiS) with Advanced Modules has been used for modeling the database. Toposheets of 1:50000 scale and map sheets of varying scale were used for the database creation. The database was further supplemented with information extracted from the satellite imagery The toposheets and Map Sheets of varying scales were georeferenced / rectified on UTM Projection and IKONOS scene and digitized for marking drill points with attributes. Mosaic of the valid drill points with attributes was carried out. The Resource Estimate uses each drill point along with the attributes to calculate the volume. Grade wise volume and tonnage analysis is carried out for the selected area. The analysis is amenable to differential grades, as per requirement. A Grid System ( has been applied which could be modified as per requirement. Grade wise volume and tonnage analysis is carried out for a grid. The analysis could be modified to differential grades, as per the requirement.

The incidence of Bauxite has been spatially concentrated therefore identification of Bauxite Blocks becomes necessary for strategic planning. The Bauxite Blocks are classified into Proven and Probable reserves. The Proven Blocks are further analyzed with respect to Alumina Grades. All drill points with attributes have been configured for the Block. Further Alumina is estimated using differential grades. The methodology has been applied for calculating Bauxite reserves for the entire concession area.

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Sierra Leone Exploration and Mining Company Ltd., South Africa
Bailor Barrie Compound, 1 Bai Bureh Road, Freetown, Sierra Leone,
South Africa.